Pick your line.  When possible, pick a line that avoids pockets, zippers, velcro, etc.


Always make a pilot cut. Use the shear portion to get through the first seam, collar, belts, straps, etc.  Our product will be more effective if you stick to this principle while working on patients. 


Insert your Ripper into the pilot cut while supporting the fabric just above.  When ready, pull briskly.  If you hit any snags quickly reset your off hand just above the shear and reset the hook. 


Instructional Video



Rapid Cleaning

This video demonstrates rapid removal of debris from the Ripper unit after use.   Our Ripper incorporates a scissored dual-blade arrangement designed to rapidly cut through clothing.  The tradeoff is a tendency to accumulate loose fabric at the crux of the two blades.  This video will show you how to clean out your Ripper in just a few seconds.


Assembly Instructions

This video explains both assembly instructions and blade replacement for RIPSHEARS Ripper units.  Instructions are the same for  RS1, RS2 and RS3 products.

Note:  Do not over-torque the screws when reassembling the Ripper.  Support the hex flanges firmly with your index finger and simply turn the screws until snug.