every second counts

World's Fastest
Trauma Shears

Just snip and rip!

Expose patients' wounds faster so you can "head to toe, treat as you go" without switching tools.

4 tools in 1

Our shears provide everything you need to expose the patient in the palm of your hand and then some.  

The objective is to not waste time switching from tool to tool.

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The world's fastest trauma shears are used by first responders, EMTs, paramedics, combat medics, doctors, nurses, and others that recognize that every second counts.

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When operating in the field, speed and stealth are essential to survival.  RIPSHEARS RS-2B maintains a low profile with our line of high-quality 420J surgical stainless steel shears bonded with a black Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) coating for exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. TiCN is eight times harder than the underlying stainless steel (we even coated the central pivot to increase longevity) and is far superior to fluoride or black oxide coatings. Ideal for those operating in urban, maritime, or other austere environments.

RIPSHEARS will easily slice through multiple layers of clothing, denim, leather, neoprene wetsuits, aramid textiles (Nomex, Kevlar, etc.), chemical biological and radiological suits (CBRN), bandages, sports wraps, plastic packaging, seat belts, tactical nylon webbing, and much more! the RS-2 RIPPER features an integrated O2 wrench, stainless steel hardware, and our proprietary, user-replaceable DLC-coated 440A stainless steel razor blades.

Also available in
OD Green (RS-2G)
Coyote Tan (RS-2T)

Made in the USA with TAA-compliant imported shears. CE-approved. Autoclavable to 143C/289F.

“Rip Shears enables one to remove clothing and web gear from a casualty faster than anything I’ve seen before. In the civilian EMS sector, it will serve a similar purpose when trying to make a “good trauma patient”…good trauma patients are naked trauma patients, as I have taught for about 30 years. Some of the best equipment ideas see their origin from operators and this is just another example.”


“I had to use Rip Shears last night at a motorcycle collision and I was truly amazed at how quickly I was able to remove the Patients clothing. You have a great product and I will recommend Rip Shears to all fellow employees. Thank you for inventing this product.”


“Rip Shears have been put through their paces here and I am glad to report they received high marks. They rip, they cut and they can be removed and put on another disposable set of shears. Excellent! My reviews are honest and are not done until I have deemed a product something I want or can live without. Rip Shears is a product now on my pouch, always will be. That says something in my book.”


“I have had the opportunity to use my Rip Shears on several occasions. My Rip Shears came in particularly handy when dealing with a heat casualty whose core temperature had spiked to 105f. My Rip Shears enabled me to quickly unclothe the patient for uninhibited access for cool down procedures. As we packaged the patient for transport, I couldn’t help but appreciate how quickly I had been able to strip the patient.”


“I got to use your Rip shears in full effect last week. We had a Biker slam his machine into a guardrail. Breaking his leg and dropping the bike on him self.

I put the Ripper right on the seam of his jeans held on to the cuff with my other hand and “RIP” his jeans were split in seconds...just like in the video! Those shears are like a cutting torch to pants... BAD ASS!”