The Idea

If we can provide a better way to expose the patient's wounds faster, it will give us more time to identify and treat them.  If you have ever experienced wounds like those seen in combat, you know that a patient can bleed out in seconds.  Gunshots, an impalement, or stab wounds can completely collapse a lung in just three breaths.  You also know that in these situations in particular, every advantage you can gain counts.  We believe we owe it to our patients to be the best we can be and it starts with the tools you use.


The Advantage

Our shears provide everything you need to expose the patient in the palm of your hand and then some.  When you need to check fluid lines or conduct DTRs, use our device as a percussion hammer.  If you need to crack an oxygen tank, use our ripper as a backup O2 wrench.  Use the shears to start your pilot cuts or get through thick belts and straps, then use the hook-knife to finish the cut.  The objective is to not waste time switching from tool to tool.

Our product is the fastest, and (only patented) trauma shear, to include an alternative design that allows you to cut through multiple layers of fabric, eliminating the need to manipulate or change tools in the middle of exposing your patient.  Unlike simple hook-knife designs, our RIPSHEARS maintain the ability to cut through belts and body armor without manipulating the spine.  This aspect is critical for exposing an entire patient dressed as described, in a "head to toe, treat as you go" manner without slowing down.  We cut through thick material such as 200 gram boots, turnout gear, chemical, biological, radio-logical (CBR) gear, bike leathers and various materials that other products simply cannot handle.

Other hook or shear alternatives cannot compete.  Need proof?  Watch any video of these devices and compare it to ours.  You'll note three things:

  1. They always start from the bottom of the pant leg because they can't get through thicker material or belts.
  2. They conveniently leave belts, body armor and such out of the equation because you need a shear for that.
  3. After you see our device, anything else is just slow.

We are a small veteran-owned business dedicated to medical innovation in the field.  We invite you to check out our site to learn more about our range of products.