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"This would be a great gift for any paramedic or EMT!" - Firefighter Product Review, 2/6/2012

"You won’t want to ever carry a pair of trauma shears without a Rip Shear blade bolted on to them again." - The EMT Spot, 8/1/2011

"Rip Shears is a product now on my pouch, always will be." - The Happy Medic, 6/30/2011

"Readers, Rip Shears are awesome." - Soldier Systems, 3/28/2011


'Glow-in-the-Dark Masterbatch Helps Medics Save Lives' - Product Design & Development, 6/28/2012

'RTP's GFRP Enhances Rip Shears' Glow-in-the-Dark Tech for Medical Usage' - PLASTICS, 6/16/2012

'Reinforced nylon 6/6 compound from RTP makes life-saving device glow in the dark' - The Engineer Supplier Network, 6/15/2012

'JEMS Deputs 2012 Hot Product Winners' - Journal of Emergency Medical Services, 5/31/2012



Rip Shears enables one to remove clothing and web gear from a casualty faster than anything I’ve seen before. In the civilian EMS sector, it will serve a similar purpose when trying to make a “good trauma patient”…good trauma patients are naked trauma patients, as I have taught for about 30 years. Some of the best equipment ideas see their origin from operators and this is just another example.
— Doc Clinchy, PhD, EMT-P
I had to use Rip Shears last night at a motorcycle collision and I was truly amazed at how quickly I was able to remove the Patients clothing. You have a great product and I will recommend Rip Shears to all fellow employees. Thank you for inventing this product.
— J. Emmen, NREMT-P
Rip Shears have been put through their paces here and I am glad to report they received high marks. They rip, they cut and they can be removed and put on another disposable set of shears. Excellent! My reviews are honest and are not done until I have deemed a product something I want or can live without. Rip Shears is a product now on my pouch, always will be. That says something in my book.
Just wanted to let you know that you have an awesome product! I am a police officer and paramedic that teaches tactical medical classes. I had the opportunity to demo/ test your product at a recent training event that I put on that included local, state and federal assets. Performance was flawless and generated a lot of interest. Keep up the good work.
— B. Bonya, EMT-P
I have had the opportunity to use my Rip Shears on several occasions. My Rip Shears came in particularly handy when dealing with a heat casualty whose core temperature had spiked to 105f. My Rip Shears enabled me to quickly unclothe the patient for uninhibited access for cool down procedures. As we packaged the patient for transport, I couldn’t help but appreciate how quickly I had been able to strip the patient.

It is my hope that our supply system purchases enough of the Rip Shears to make them available to every combat medic in my platoon. Several of my Soldiers have made plans to purchase Rip Shears on their own instead of waiting!
— SSG Garrett, BAS NCOIC
In the past couple of weeks I have been able to use Rip Shears on multiple incidents where time was truly critical.

On a multiple victim stabbing incident I was able to triage and expose injuries on 5 critically injured victims in mere minutes, saving valuable time and ensuring rapid transport of the casualties to the local trauma center.

Just days later, I was able to, again, rapidly triage and expose injuries on 2 separate multi-vehicle, multi-casualty collisions requiring significant resources for treatment and transport. While waiting for the additional resources to arrive, my pair of Rip Shears was a vital tool used to assist in accurate triage of patients and transport to the appropriate receiving hospital/trauma center.
— R. Fouts, Paramedic
I got to use your Rip shears in full effect last week. We had a Biker slam his machine into a guardrail. Breaking his leg and dropping the bike on him self.

I put the Ripper right on the seam of his jeans held on to the cuff with my other hand and “RIP” his jeans were split in seconds...just like in the video! Those shears are like a cutting torch to pants... BAD ASS!
— Deharak

"Got my RIPSHEARS picked up and installed today ....then this evening I attended a stock car race at Penticton Speedway as a pit worker / medic. There was a bad pile up and a car was flipped and rolled a couple times ending upside down. When I ran there to extricate driver (a 16 Y/O female) her safety net release was broken and we couldn't remove the net.  So  out came my RIPSHEARS and wow...bam like butter through the safety net webbing. I am including images post crash. I am sold they are an instant success and I will be adding more to other shears in my various kits."