RS-1 Specifications

  • RIPPER housing is constructed with GF13 RTP 200 Series glass fiber reinforced nylon 6/6 compound – provides the stiffness needed to allow the blade to stay on track and flow through fabric cleanly

  • Autoclavable to 290 deg F. – Allows for sterilization

  • 440A stainless steel blades with tungsten coating – Increases edge retention keeping an edge 5X longer that surgical steel alone

  • Blades receive a proprietary DLC treatment for increased lubricity, edge retention, and corrosion resistance

RS-1 Ripper Dimensions

  • Length 2.5 inches

  • Width 1.82 inches

  • Depth 0.625 inches

  • Weight 1 oz

  • Safety Guide Mouth Opening

    • Width 0.25 inches

  • Oxygen Wrench Opening

    • Diameter Round .385 round

    • Flats .235

    • Rib protrusion added .030 on both sides

    • Increased surface contact area to .155 thick


RS-2 Specifications

  • Scissor Blades made with 420-stainless steel hardened to Rockwell 56C

  • Unique Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) coating increasing edge retention 9x longer than hardened steel; 4,500 on the Vickers (Hv) hardness scale

  • All-over black color carbon bonded

  • Precision sharpened upper edge

  • 30% deeper enhanced serrated lower edge cuts through the toughest materials

  • Clothing-lift lip and rounded tip for ultimate patient safety

  • Contoured handles made from a single mold for maximum fit and control

  • Available in Black, Coyote, OD Green

  • Color matched handle and RIPPER

RS-2 RIPSHEARS Dimensions

  • Length 7.25 inches

  • Width 5 inches

  • Depth 0.625 inches

  • Weight 3oz

RS-3 Specifications

  • All RS-3 Models include RIPPER with advanced glow-in-the-dark technology imbues the material with an "afterglow" effect that lasts for up to 8 hours, which is about 10 times longer than traditional GITD technologies

  • RS-3F Orange handle comes with Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) same as all tactical colored models

  • RS-3P Pink has a Titanium Nitride (TiN) gold coating improving edge retention by 3X over hardened stainless steel

RS-3 FIREFLY Dimensions

  • Length 7.25 inches

  • Width 5 inches

  • Depth 0.625 inches

  • Weight 3oz

RS-4 Specifications

  • All RS-4 Models include a unique single blade hook knife molded into the thumb side of the shear.

  • RS-4 come with black handle and our signature Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) bonded coating.

  • RS-4 comes standard with a beefed up, black nickel plated grommet.


  • Length 6.25 inches

  • Width 4.25 inches

  • Depth 0.30 inches

  • Weight 2oz

RSH specifications

  • RSH Models are injection molded.

  • RSH Holsters come standard with 2-1.5 inch self adjusting belt clip.

  • Breakaway design with open channel for rapid re-holstering

  • Tactical design include black grommets and hardware for tactical.


  • Length 7.25 inches

  • Width 4.50 inches

  • Depth .30 inches

  • Weight 3 oz