1.  Fast & Effective

Using RIPSHEARS brand trauma shears on patient to expose wound.

Mounted on a standard 7 1/4" trauma shear, the Ripper unit will cut material as fast as you can move your hand.  Anyone can consistently expose the patient in less than 30 seconds using proper techniques. Our record for removal of full combat fatigues with boots is 15 seconds!  RIPSHEARS will easily slice through street clothes, neck ties, military fatigues, boots, leather jackets, denim, wetsuits, chemical biological and radiological suits (CBR), bandages, sports wraps, plastic packaging, seat belts, and much more!  Because it is still a trauma shear you will cut through thicker materials such as belts, nylon webbing, zippers, and thin metals should the need arise

2.  Highest Quality

RIPSHEARS brand trauma shears and Ripper which can be added to most models of trauma shears.

Our trauma shears are made in the USA with the highest quality materials.  Made to last, the RIPSHEARS' housing has been constructed with fiberglass-reinforced nylon that can be autoclaved up to 290 deg F.  The blades are 440A stainless steel with a special DLC treatment for increased lubricity and edge retention.  This allows fabric to slide more freely across the blades avoiding snags while retaining the blade edge up to five times longer than a standard surgical blade.   The shears have deepened serrations.  And we’ve added a Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) coating which improves edge retention by a factor of 9X  making the product 9 times harder and lasting 9 times longer than the best performing shears on the market.

3.  Cost Effective

RIPSHEARS and the Ripper both have replaceable blades extending the useful life of the world's fastest trauma shears.

EMS shears are a great product with a variety of applications, but they cut slowly and dull quickly. Our product can dramatically extend the life of your EMS shears and save you money.  As a bonus, our blades may be easily replaced so you no longer need to throw your tools away. My first set of RIPSHEARS lasted me 4 years!

4.  Never Lose Your Shears Again

RIPSHEARS FIREFLY trauma shears glow in the dark for easy identification.

Our glow in the dark RIPSHEARS FIREFLY model is a favorite among EMS and flight medics. This unique solution to an age old problem helps you easily identify your rescue shears and helps prevent losing them in the dark. Stop fumbling around in the dark!  This luminescent design will allow you to quickly spot your shears when time is of the essence. The FIREFLY has been tested and proven not to wash out Night Vision goggles in combat situations.

5.  Do No Further Harm

RIPSHEARS trauma shears easily, quickly, and safely remove dressings and bandages.

The standard set of bandage shears will often painfully snag and pinch exposed skin.  RIPSHEARS remove tight fitting articles and bandages in the flick of the wrist without causing discomfort to your patient!  With our patented RIPSHEARS design, efficiently remove tough sports wraps, pressure dressings, and hospital ID wristbands comfortably and fast.  Simply slip the blade guide between the patient's skin and constrictive articles.  For dressing and tight wristbands, firmly seat the ripper along the articles anterior aspect, pull down using quick and deliberate action making sure to keep the Ripper parallel to the skin surface.  For sports wraps, firmly seat the RIPSHEARS and use a rocking motion to pull up and away from the skin.  This technique will allow for the fastest, most comfortable removal.  RIPSHEARS has sliced through a standard Israeli pressure dressing with 12 wraps in less than .5 seconds without leaving a single mark.

6.  Four Tools in One

The RIPSHEARS design combines the power of a trauma shear, the speed and agility of a safety knife and the diagnostic ability of a reflex hammer.  Plus we’ve even added an O2 wrench feature.  By simply flipping the shear in your hand you can use its multiple tools without going back to your bag saving time and money.  Lightweight, compact and fast, when you need to cut, rip, percuss or turn on your O2, RIPSHEARS is a must have for any first responder. 

7.  Won't Fail You In Tough Positions

RIPSHEARS won't fail you in tough situations. They easily allow cuts at challenging angles which you'll find at accident scenes.

Times of limited mobility often occur when working motor vehicle accidents or in combat situations.  The inability to work effectively in difficult positions can be uncomfortable, waste critical time and puts both you and the patients' life at risk.  A unique benefit to adding RIPSHEARS to your tool kit is that our product will provide cutting angles that are not available with standard EMS shears.  Regular shears have a tendency to dull, slow down, or even stop cutting altogether.  They are virtually ineffective when they are not perpendicular to the cutting surface. You might have experienced these issues when you've needed to work across a patient's body or maintain a low profile while treating.  RIPSHEARS will maximize your ability to extricate, expose, and treat your patients.